Summer 2007, Wharf Bar in Manly. Philip and me.
An exciting day in Sydney is behind us.
Full of sun, full of life, full of discoveries!
My feet long for bare feet and the ice cube mountain of my drink.
We take a deep breath. The night lies ahead of us ...
And suddenly Marly is there! Right in the middle, absolutely present.
She sparkles when she speaks and the whole bar rocks along when she laughs.
We meet like old friends. Laughing, dancing, talking non-stop. 
Hey Marly! Hey Paula!
Everything is clear between us and so familiar.
For me, the most beautiful discovery on the other side of the world.
Funny ... as if I were meeting myself.
Marly is my jubilant summer self when it finally gets warm outside. 
My energy, my curiosity about people and my creativity when I am absolutely with myself.
So in 2018 I'm starting my own label HEY MARLY.
Inspired by an encounter with a fascinating person.
Dedicated to the world's most beautiful attitude to life: 
Summer under your feet and in your heart. 
With luck, Marly will also learn our story at some point.
Maybe in search of new sandals ;-)
Wherever she is right now: I'll stay tuned to see her again ... as we promised each other in Manly.